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Featured projects


iDirections transforms your Bada phone into an impressive 'augmented reality' navigation experience by overlaying floating 3D labels directly on to the world around you, as shown by your phone's built-in phone camera. The display tilts and pivots as you move your phone through real space, letting you easily visualize landmarks and addresses near you. You have to experience it to understand.

Space Wars

Space War is the space arcade game for Android! Fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens! Be prepared for the final battle! This is a cool shooter game for the Android.

Fish Mania

It's Feeding Frenzy, the underwater action game everyone loves! You're a small fry in an ocean full of big fish, and the only way to survive is to gobble up the little guys until you can challenge even the most dangerous predators of the deep! It's eat or be eaten: chow down on fish smaller than you, but avoid bigger ones at all costs. The more you eat, the more you'll grow, and the larger the fish you can eat!

Dog Fight

First ever Dog Fight game on Bada.....Use the accelerometer to steer your plane against the enemies....Your mission is to drive away the invaders from your base...


A free translator App. It translates various languages like Italian, English, French, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Korean, Arabian, Indonesian, much more!. Once installed an offline dictionary, you don't need for internet connection to use it.

Text to Speech

Android Text-To-Speech is an application which helps you read . Simply open the website and it will convert text to readable format and listen how it sounds. You don't have to install any TTS engines - application is based on online Google TTS, so you can easily hear voices


Crossword puzzles for your coffee break. These are casual level puzzles suitable for all. Features: - great to play on tablets - pinch zooming grid - clue list view - cheats and answer checking

Saudi Football

To all Saudi Soccer fans, we are proud to introduce the "Saudi Matches" app with the following features: ★ Coverage of Saudi National Team games ★ Coverage of the King Cup, Crown Cup, and the Saudi Football League. Coverage of the Prince Faisal Cup is coming soon!

Express your Creativity

The best photo editor app on your Galaxy note!!! Edit your photographs and post it on Samsung Saudi Facebook page to win exciting prizes :)


A Hyperlocal offers platform. With the Aduzee app, you can: · Buy all kinds of offers around you. · Track your coupons. · Setup your business profile and create offers. · Add your business location so that customers can find you easily. · Redeem coupons. · Track sales and auctions.

Air Show

Your mission to pass through the challenging courses and collect as many gold coins as possible. So get ready to drive through the maze and show your navigation skills.


With CricScore for android, stay up-to-date with cricket news, scores, fixtures and all the buzz related to ICC cricket World Cup. With its auto-reload option, scores and commentary are automatically updated and the auto-update interval can be configured in the settings menu. CricScore notification feature, when enabled, will notify you for events like six, four and wicket.