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Anahata Solutions LLC. closes its operations

November 30, 2013-- We at Anahata Solutions have decided to cease our operations and move on to the next adventure in our journey of providing innovative and creative application solutions to a diverse global clientele.

Throughout our exciting journey, we specialized in developing Mobile Apps and Social Media Solutions for iPhone and Android app platforms with humble beginnings inside a University lab, and then evolved to become a successful company generating revenue of over USD 250,000 within the timespan of three years.

We have worked locally and globally for SMEs as well as corporations such as Telenor, Nokia and Samsung, with apps for games, information, ebooks, social check-ins, maps and travel. For Samsung alone we have worked on over 20 projects targeted at Middle East and Pakistani markets.

Looking back at the journey we had, we feel grateful for what we have achieved in a short span and look forward to continue to innovate and to contribute to the ever-changing technology landscape.

Released November 30, 2013