Smartphone Applications

Smartphones are quickly changing the way we work and play. We can check email, work on documents, edit photos and surf the Web on our phones. If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance you’ll find an app to do it. Taking pictures, saving money, getting work done and more. By specializing in smartphone application development, we help brands understand their customers and then finding ways to break through the cluttered marketplace to make meaningful connections with them.



Platforms on which we have developed :



Smart Television Apps

Television now is much more than just information overdose and flipping channels. Introducing TV apps made the viewer to be more interactive with their television rather than the cable. We design, program and develop user friendly TV apps such as word puzzles, painting, sports, racing, religiously informative games, and more. With the most recent technology TV sets are now half a computer. You can never have enough of your TV can you?





Online E-Commerece Market Place

It provides you with an online dynamic web portal. Buying and selling is easily done online now. It includes the entire online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services. The consumer purchases and gives input to the business in the form of feedback, buying, online cart and credit card system. We give you e-commerce solutions with all the required services to make your web portal user friendly and at customers ease.








Facebook Page/Apps

With 845 million active users on Facebook, it is growing bigger with each passing minute and is now one of the major tools for marketing. With fan pages, applications, groups, people’s pages, and continuous updates. Facebook offers you a wide range of variety to promote your brand or product, be visible and interrelate with your audience. More than 550,000 applications are currently present on Facebook platform. There is no end to it. Then why shouldn’t you opt for convenient ways of marketing? We make it easier for you to prop up your product, company and services through facebook along with keeping a track on the number of hits and ‘likes’, generating and increasing traffic with augmentation in your business.